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Publicado el 31 ene. 2018

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From the creators of Ice Age and Rio comes the most love-a-bull family comedy of the year! Ferdinand (John Cena) is a giant bull with a big heart. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast and torn from his home, he rallies a misfit team of friends for the ultimate adventure to return to his family. Based on the classic children’s book, Ferdinand proves you can’t judge a bull by its cover!

  • Alan Artiles
    Alan Artiles 9 maanden geleden I empedo la cpmpto
  • SadTeens PH
    SadTeens PH 1 maand geleden I love Ferdinand Marcos ♥♥♥
  • Jerome Ramos
    Jerome Ramos 5 maanden geleden Ilove ferdinand forevet Yaaaay the song is. Like aweso E
  • lunala wolf
    lunala wolf 3 weken geleden Thanks for the office and I will be there at the same time I have to go to the office and I will continue
  • ale estruquel
    ale estruquel 10 maanden geleden Me encanta
  • Сергей Чижик
    Сергей Чижик 4 maanden geleden И54оо м
  • Kay lisha Estacion
    Kay lisha Estacion 2 maanden geleden This is my favorite part of the ferdenand 😁😁
  • Ryu Juat
    Ryu Juat 4 maanden geleden The music is just like the How to train your dragon 3 music
  • Louie Lawrence
    Louie Lawrence 6 dagen geleden Why don't I have a rent option for this?
    HELENA FARIAS DE SAA 5 maanden geleden jajaja que bueno está el dibujito
  • Sos Purple
    Sos Purple 8 maanden geleden Touro: Coelho! Coelho no trabalho
  • Estela Perafan
    Estela Perafan 6 maanden geleden Ole 🤣me re re encanto
  • Brian Gross
    Brian Gross 10 maanden geleden hey I am sad Spider-Man dolls
  • cristian Cajal
    cristian Cajal 9 maanden geleden Brian Gross wggxry
  • Yhf Hgu
    Yhf Hgu 7 maanden geleden I love sowmuch a Ferdinand that super cool
  • KudosK
    KudosK 2 maanden geleden Ok how is this age-restricted?
  • Zayn Marcuz Bagsy
    Zayn Marcuz Bagsy 5 maanden geleden Epic :D
  • nath_gamer13 19
    nath_gamer13 19 4 maanden geleden I wanna purchase it but don't have eny money
  • Emy Tuazon
    Emy Tuazon 6 maanden geleden I love you Ferdinand
  • lunala wolf
    lunala wolf 3 weken geleden Thanks for your help with this and I am so sorry to hear this news and I am so late but will be there in the office and I am so late but I am so much and I will be there in the morning to see if you have any more questions
  • lourdf0x VG
    lourdf0x VG 6 maanden geleden Best part when machina pop and locked.. hahahaha
  • Zairene Colorrific
    Zairene Colorrific 6 maanden geleden Hes a pacifist
  • 유이MushiMeku
    유이MushiMeku 6 maanden geleden I watched this and i cried cause its so atouch